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Our Process

The Office of Student Conduct's process starts only when a referral is made to our office. The involved student(s) will be contacted by our office via their TerpMail/UMD email account, which is the official means of communication of the University.

Students involved in a referral first meet with OSC staff for a Preliminary Interview, in which the conduct process, alleged violations, and potential sanctions are discussed with the student. Our process focuses on the development of integrity, character, and the ability to make ethics- and values-based decision making. Depending on the type and severity of the case, students have several options to resolve their case, which are explored below.

Students who have been referred to the Office of Student Conduct can reach out to the Student Legal Aid office to speak with their Student Advocates. Student Advocates are trained in the Student Conduct process and are available to referred students as an additional support resource in navigating our process.

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