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Greek Social Policy

Statement of Policy

The leaders of the Greek system have come together to create this policy in order to improve the balance of academic and social pursuits within our community. We have created this set of guidelines for our own betterment and therefore fully support the implementation of all stipulations outlined. Our commitment is evident in the extensive self monitoring program and the harsh penalties for non-compliance. Future Improvement

Included is a system for constant dialogue so that this policy can grow as needed by the chapters and the University. New risk management procedures can easily be incorporated due to our active role with Greeks Advocating Mature Management of Alcohol. This group will also provide necessary education of the general Greek population so that changes are understood and adhered to by all.

Basic Expectation

It is our expectation that all member fraternities/sororities will abide by Federal, State and local laws, University regulations, and their respective international/national policies.

Good Faith

No policy can include all possible circumstances. When this document is not specific enough chapters are expected to act within the expressed intent of the policy. Violations of the policy's intent are to be reviewed by the IFC/PHA Social Judicial Board or the University Office of Student Conduct.


This policy took effect October 1, 1992 and will remain in effect year round.


  • Alcohol will include any consumable item with an alcohol content.
  • Alumni/Parent Event will be any event where members and/or alumni are allowed to bring one guest not including parents or family.
  • "Bring Your Own Beverage" (BYOB) is an event where the host chapter(s) do not provide any alcoholic beverages to guests or chapter members. The host chapter(s) is responsible for the storage and distribution of alcohol during the event.
  • Dated Parties are events where chapter members are allowed to bring only one guest.
  • Events (Chapter Event) shall be any function planned, sponsored, hosted or promoted by a chapter with 25% of the membership in attendance. If a chapter's attendance at an event exceeds 25% they are considered a host chapter of the event.
  • Executive Member is any chapter officer as designated by the president. A list which will be updated each semester will be kept on file at the IFC/PHA office of ten designated members.
  • Greeks Advocating Mature Management of Alcohol (GAMMA) is a national organization with a chapter at the University of Maryland that offers resources concerning liability and risk management and provides educational programs about social responsibility.
  • Guest is defined as anyone who is not an active member, pledge or associate member, alumni or any of these from another chapter of the same international/national affiliation. Active members are those listed on the most current eligibility list.
  • IFC refers to the Interfraternity Council of the University of Maryland at College Park.
  • JPO refers to the University of Maryland at College Park's Office of Student Conduct.
  • List Party refers to an event where no more than 300 people, including the host chapter(s), are present.
  • Mixer is an event sponsored by more than one organization. Mixers are commonly called "Two Ways" or "Four Ways" specifying that two or four organizations are involved in the event.
  • PHA refers to the Panhellenic Association at the University of Maryland at College Park.
  • Rush is a period of a few weeks that is designated by the IFC and PHA for membership recruitment and selection.
  • University refers specifically to the University of Maryland at College Park.
  • Unregulated Social Function a social event as specified in the introduction of the policy, which is not promoted, sponsored or funded by a Fraternity or Sorority.

Academic Statement And Requirements


We have come to realize that a successful policy must include programs to balance the social aspect of Greek life with the academic mission shared by our chapters, international/nationals, the IFC, PHA and the University. This social policy not only includes a new view of risk management procedures but also an enriched emphasis on academics and educational programs. By drafting, supporting and adhering to this policy we as greek leaders accept the responsibility for our brother's and sister's academic success and are striving to provide an environment conducive to intellectual growth.

Study Skills Programs

After each Rush (Fall or Spring) the IFC/PHA must hold a Study Skills Seminar for all new members Each chapter must require attendance of their new members.

Academic Advising

Chapters should help members plan for graduation by encouraging them to receive advising from their colleges about academic requirements.

Progress Evaluation

Each chapter should periodically assess new member's progress and provide needed support either internally or through University resources.

Type Of Events

Definition of Event: An Event (Chapter Event) shall be any function which has been planned, sponsored, hosted or promoted by a chapter with 25% of the membership in attendance. If a chapter's attendance at an event exceeds 25% they are considered a host chapter of the event.

  1. Alcoholic Social Events
    All non-brotherhood/non-sisterhood events which contain alcohol will be considered Alcoholic Social Events.
    1. Mixers
      1. An event involving alcohol with more than one chapter involved. "Two Way" is an event with two organizations involved. Guests may not be University of Maryland Greeks unless agreed upon by all host chapters.
      2. "Five Ways" and "Three Ways" are to encourage the involvement of chapters with less than 50 members or those without a chapter structure; these chapters are the only ones allowed as a third or fifth host.
      3. Membership of all chapters combined cannot exceed 300 people.
    2. Dated Parties

      Each chapter member may bring one guest to the event. This type of event may occur on any day alcoholic events are allowed.

    3. (Guest) List Parties

      An event which guests are invited by a host chapter(s). A final guest list must be submitted upon event registration and a copy must be maintained at the entrance of the event. No more than 300 guests may be present including host chapter(s).

      Each chapter is allowed to have no more than one List Party per weekend.

      This type of event must be catered or B.Y.O.B. style alcohol distribution as stipulated in this policy.

    4. Alumni/Parent Event
      An event where the only chapter members present are:
      1. Alumni
      2. Parents and family of chapter members
      3. One guest per active member

      A sign-in guest list is required to be turned in to the IFC/PHA office to be added to the event registration form no later than 5:00 p.m. on the next business day after the event. This type of event may be held on any day alcoholic events are allowed.

      Written petitions for Alumni/Parent Events which are to be held on days when functions are not permitted must be submitted to the IFC/PHA presidents at least two weeks prior to the date of the function. Permission for exceptions must be granted by the IFC/PHA and the University.

  2. Non-Alcoholic Social Event

    Each chapter must have at least one non-alcoholic event per month. The purpose of these events is to de- emphasize the role of alcohol as an element of social atmospheres. Brother/sisterhood events or activities like bowling, movies, BBQ, etc. are viable event options. Membership recruitment activities are not acceptable non-alcoholic events. The event must be registered with IFC/PHA with a brief description.

  3. Educational Enrichment Programs

    Each chapter must complete three programs per semester. The chapter can choose which programs to do but must complete all three listed below in each academic year.

    1. Academic Success
    2. Substance Abuse
    3. Liability Awareness

    The program must be registered with IFC/PHA with a brief written description of the content and the presenter. IFC and PHA will turn in reports on Educational Enrichment and Non-Alcoholic programs to the Office of Campus Programs within two weeks after every semester ends.

    The Educational Enrichment Program cannot count as a non-alcoholic event. The two may, however, be combined.

    For example, two chapters may have a BBQ and then have an educational program.

Alcoholic Social Event Regulations

  1. Event Days and Times


    Two and Three Ways for chapters that meet academic requirements
    **9:00 pm - 12:00 am

    Friday Happy Hour
    List Party Two - Five Ways
    3:00 pm - 8:00 pm 9:30 pm - 2:00 am inside*

    Saturday Happy Hour
    List Party Tailgates Two - Five Ways
    10:00am - 2:00 am after 8:00 pm inside*

    ** A fraternity or sorority may have social functions on Thursday nights if the organization's grade point average exceeds the respective all fraternity or all sorority grade point average.

  2. Exceptions

    Social events on the evening before any Monday holiday which is observed by the University shall run from 10:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. This exception will be granted for Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday and Labor Day only.

    Petitions for exception not listed here must be submitted to the IFC and PHA and be approved by the University.

  3. General Regulations

    No common containers of alcohol are allowed at any chapter function. Common containers include kegs (any alcoholic container requiring a tap to dispense alcohol), punch bowls, and any other contraption which hold more than three liters of beverage accessible to guests.

    No event shall exceed 300 people in attendance.

    1. Entrance/Exit
      1. Only one entrance/exit allowed.
      2. An adequate trash receptacle must be at entrance/exit at all times.
      3. No one can leave with alcohol.
      4. Proper security, not affiliated with the chapter, must verify age and indicate those of legal drinking age with bracelets or markers.
      5. Minimum of two sober Executive members, one from each host chapter checking people off on guest/membership list. (List party host must provide two Executive members.)
      6. A sign posting the numbers of Call-A-Ride (314- CALL) and Campus Police (405-3555) and Emergency (405-3333).
      7. All emergency exits must be easily accessible and unbarred from use in the event of an emergency.
      8. A "last call" must be made 15 minutes before the end of an event.
    2. Food/Non-Alcoholic Beverage
      1. An abundant amount of easily accessible food must be visible (i.e. sign pointing it out) throughout the entire social function.
      2. An abundant amount of easily accessible, canned, non-alcoholic beverages must be visible (i.e. sign pointing it out) and available throughout the entire social function. (i.e. Coke, Pepsi, etc...).
  4. Catering
    1. Catering is a viable option for any type of social event. The following additional regulations must be met in order for this option to be chosen:
    2. Catering company must prove one million dollars in liability insurance.
    3. Catering company must have a Maryland liquor license.
    4. Caterer is responsible for age verification of all guests.
    5. Caterer must operate a cash bar for all alcohol.
    6. Caterer must operate a full service bar.
    7. Caterer is responsible for serving all alcohol.
    8. Chapter and/or caterer must provide abundant non- alcoholic beverage and food.
  5. "Bring Your Own Beverage" (B.Y.O.B.)

    All list Parties must be B.Y.O.B. if they are not catered as stipulated in IV D. The following additional regulations must be adhered to in order to have a List Party:

    1. No collection of chapter members shall purchase for, serve to, or sell alcohol to minors.
    2. No alcohol shall be purchased through chapter treasury nor may any collection of funds be coordinated on behalf of the chapter to purchase alcohol to be distributed to anyone attending the event.
    3. No guest who is not checked and identified with a wristband as 21 years or older may bring alcohol into the function.
    4. A single guest may not bring more than a twelve pack of an alcoholic beverage.
    6. Since no guest may leave a function with alcohol, they may return as designated by the host chapter to reclaim unused amounts of alcohol no earlier than 8:00 a.m. on the day following the event.
    7. Guests may not bring alcohol into the event after 1:30 a.m.
  6. Community Considerations

    It is important that the Greek organizations cooperate with their neighbors and the entire community of College Park. With this in mind there are certain considerations to be made with regard to social events hosted by chapters.

    Suggestions for Cooperation with Neighbors

    It is suggested that the chapter establish a working relationship with their neighbors. Nearby residents should be informed in advance of social events in writing so that they may plan accordingly. Neighbors should be provided with a contact's phone number in the chapter so that they are encouraged to speak directly to the chapter about concerns. Chapters should try to help neighbors with their problems so that a friendlier relationship can be established.

    For example, a chapter could cut the lawn of elderly neighbors. Small gestures go far. It is the chapters' responsibility to take the initiative in starting positive relations with their neighbors.

    1. Noise levels must be in accordance with the local laws and/or established University policy; noise levels will be measured from the property line of the complaining neighbor.
    2. Any event receiving three noise complaints from the City of College Park will be shut down immediately and host chapters will be brought before Social Judicial Board.
    3. No source of music is to be outside the structure of the house after 8:00 p.m.
    4. No alcohol is to be served from outside the structure of the chapter house after 8:00 p.m.

Event Registration Process

  • All social event registration forms must be filed before the preceding Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. Forms may be turned in to the party registration box located in the IFC/PHA office at 1211L Stamp Student Union, or to the IFC/PHA social chair.
  • All List Parties must have a copy of the final guest list attached to the registration form.
  • Registration forms will be kept on file at the IFC/PHA office attached to the Social Responsibility Committee (SRC) sheet for the event.

Greeks Advocating Mature Management Of Alcohol (GAMMA)

The purpose of our relationship with GAMMA is to maintain discussions about risk management in the Greek community. Problems and suggestions regarding the social policy and national trends of liability control should also be explored by GAMMA and representatives from PHA/IFC.

Each chapter is required to have two delegates attend at least one GAMMA meeting per month. The delegates shall be one designated representative from each chapter and the chapter Social Chairperson or President.

Social Judicial Board

  1. Composition
    • Shall have one Coordinator which will be an IFC or PHA Executive member selected at the first joint meeting of the semester.
    • Six chapter presidents, chosen randomly, will sit on the board for a hearing. Three will be from fraternities and three from sororities. The board will rotate membership with each hearing.
    • One president will be selected randomly by the Coordinator without the board's knowledge to act as an alternate. This person's vote, unknown to them, will not be counted.
    • The Coordinator will be trained by the Office of Student Conduct at the start of their term.
  2. Sanctions and Appeals
    • All sanctions and probations will be effective on the first business day following the offense and will run continuously whenever the University is in session. Vacations cannot be included in a probationary period.
    • All sanctions levied by Judicial Board will be reported in writing to: - the chapter president - the international/national headquarters (as the Social Judicial Board deems necessary) - the IFC/PHA - the Office of Campus Programs
    • A written petition for an appeal may be given to the IFC/ PHA presidents within seven days of the verdict. The IFC/PHA presidents then may grant or deny the petition. If granted a new Judicial Board would hear the case.
  3. Adjudication Of The Policy

    A guideline for sanctions of Major and Minor Infractions is listed. The Social Judicial Board has the authority to use this guideline as they see appropriate.

    If the chapter has one year with no violations, their record will be cleared. (i.e., it would not be called a second offense if one year has elapsed since the first offense).


    • Major Infraction lst Offense 2nd Offense *3rd Offense
    • *Refusal to admit SRC into event 4 wks 8 wks + Community Service ***16 wks + $2 per active
    • Inadequate security 2 wks 4 wks + CS 10 wks + $2 per active
    • Not enough Sober Executives 2 wks4 wks + CS 10wks + $2 per active
    • Failure to ID and mark hands or use bracelets 3 wks 6 wks + CS 12 wks + $2 per active
    • No Guest List 2 wks 4 wks + CS10 wks + $2 per active
    • Five Ways exceeding combined 300 person limit 4 wks 8 wks + CS 16 wks + $2 per active
    • Non BYOB List Party 4 wks 8 wks + CS 16 wks+ $2 per active
    • Failure to meet Academic Programs or Educational Enrichment Requirements 2 wks 4 wks +CS 8 wks + $2 per active
    • Party on wrong days of the week 8 wks 12 wks + CS 16 wks + $2 per active
    • Unregulated Social Function 8 wks 12 wks + CS 16 wks + $2 per active
    • **Open Party 16 wks **Revoke Recognition

    * Upon second or third violation of the above regulations, the chapter(s) will be referred to the University of Maryland Office of Student Conduct

    ** A review of the chapter's charter will be requested of the international/national headquarters by IFC or PHA.

    *** Community Service (CS) Projects must be approved by IFC/PHA in advance.


    • First Violation 1 week probation
    • Second Violation 2 wks + CS
    • Third Violation 3 wks + CS

    Any of the following are considered Minor Infractions:

    • Noise violations
    • Not adequate trash cans at entrance/exit
    • Not enough non-alcoholic beverages or food
    • Not registered properly (i.e., having a Four Way and registering a Two Way)
    • People outside structure with alcohol
    • More than one entrance
    • Failure to pick up trash by 10:00 a.m.

Amendment Procedure

Amendments to this IFC/PHA joint Social Policy can be made through a motion originated and passed by:

  • IFC Legislative Meeting (presidents meeting)
  • PHA Legislative Meeting (presidents meeting)

Semester Reports

At the end of each semester a summary report is to be prepared by the SRC and submitted to the Greek Life staff in the Office of Campus Programs. The report is to include the number of parties registered during the semester and the number and type of violations dealt with during the term.

This policy was originally developed by the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Association at UMCP and subsequently reviewed and approved by the President and his staff on August 1, 1992. Revisions were made by the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Association which were subsequently approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs on October 21, 1992, to address problems identified during its first year of enforcement.

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