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This page highlights Academic Misconduct, Non-Academic Misconduct, and the Responsible Action Policy.

Academic Misconduct

As an enrolled student at the University of Maryland, it is your responsibility to understand what Academic Misconduct is. If you're unable to name the 5 academic violations, please visit What is Academic Misconduct?

Honor Pledge

The Honor Pledge is a statement undergraduate and graduate students should be asked to write by hand and sign on examinations, papers, or other academic assignments.

Each year during New Student Orientation, new students sign an Honor Scroll for their graduating class. The signing of the scroll is each student's introduction to the culture of academic integrity fostered by the University of Maryland.

For more information on honor pledges, see here.

honor pledge plaque. with quote.
Image of the Honor Pledge plaque, reading: "I pledge on my honor that I have not given or received any unauthorized assistance on this exam or assignment."

XF Removal Petition Process

Starting in the fall 2023 semester, the "XF" petition process will be discontinued. All students who have an "XF" that is eligible to be replaced with an "F" will not need to a) complete the Academic Integrity Seminar, nor b) submit an "XF" petition form. The Office of Student Conduct is working with the necessary offices to convert all of these grades on your behalf. This will take some time and the office appreciates your patience. 

When your "XF" is eligible to be removed, the office will make that change on your transcript. 

Retaking a Course?

As a reminder, self-plagiarism is one of the Code's academic integrity violations. Watch this video from the Undergraduate Student Legal Aid Office for tips on how to avoid academic misconduct while retaking a course.

Non-Academic Misconduct

The Code of Student Conduct outlines care-based community standards and student expectations. For a brief overview of highlighted violations, please see What is Non-Academic Misconduct?


Hazing is prohibited by both the state of Maryland and the University. As the Code applies on and off campus, it does not matter if the hazing occurred on campus or anywhere else. If a student is involved, the University will address the incident.

Hazing referrals can be made anonymously. 

Responsible Action Policy

The Responsible Action Policy is the University's medical amnesty policy, meaning that students who seek medical treatment for drugs and alcohol are limitedly protected from disciplinary action. Concerns about getting in trouble should never prevent students from seeking assistance.

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