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University Student Judiciary

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The University Student Judiciary (USJ) is one of Maryland's premier student governance organizations, whose members help the campus community by educating students about and holding students accountable to the policies of the University of Maryland. The policies include the Code of Academic Integrity, the Code of Student Conduct, and Residence Hall Rules of the Department of Resident Life. The members of USJ also are responsible for promoting character, ethics, and integrity within the campus community.

Members of USJ are expected to be honest, fair, and to act with integrity and to be role models on campus.

Ten principles guide the work of USJ.

  1. Disciplinary systems should reflect the diversity of campus cultures.
  2. Common values can be identified and affirmed.
  3. Cases should be heard before they are decided.
  4. Educational aims and progressive discipline should guide the imposition of sanctions.
  5. Progressive discipline should encompass the interests of people seen and unseen.
  6. "Perfection" of human nature isn't the aim.
  7. University Student Judiciary members are role models.
  8. University Student Judiciary members are learners.
  9. Privacy rights must be respected.
  10. The disciplinary process should promote ethical dialogue and critical thinking.

There are five branches to the USJ: the Appellate Board, the Central Board, Community Advocates, the Resident Board, and the Student Honor Council.


group pictures of the various USJ branches


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