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About Us

M Circle

"For traditional age college students, college is more than academic learning. It is the crucible for formative life experiences that shape who and what they will become in adulthood. Supporting the holistic development—intellectual, social, moral—of our students is one of our most important tasks, for they are our tomorrow." — Wallace D. Loh, Former UMD President

Our Mission

  • To proactively encourage safety by promoting and upholding the standards and integrity of the University of Maryland Community
  • To resolve allegations of individual and organizational misconduct in a manner consistent with our core values: honesty, integrity, respect, compassion, and fairness
  • To balance the interests of the individual student and the community at large through fair, consistent, and timely case resolution
  • To facilitate learning and character development of future leaders and sound citizens, which includes involving students in the adjudication process

Our Vision

A campus where all faculty, staff, and students understand and promote community standards of safety and integrity.

Our Values


Individuals involved with the conduct process can expect to be heard, given the opportunity to communicate their perspective, and received without prejudice. We employ a consistent process, strive for a timely resolution, communicate in a clear and timely manner, and provide information that is efficient, accurate, and thorough. We also employ assessment to understand the influence of our work on the community and its members.


Honesty is the foundation of resolution of community disputes, healthy relationships, personal growth, and moral development. While we acknowledge the reality of human fallibility, we believe that honest confrontation of choices is instrumental to the learning process.


Integrity frames the legitimacy of our process. Therefore, we seek to hold and be held accountable to the policies and procedures that govern the campus community, and to foster a process that embodies community values. 


Respect for one another means regard for individuals' rights, property, and humanity. Our policies and procedures seek to promote respect, including by providing intentional, educational and reflective activities, and experiences that foster learning and development.


Compassion means creating a welcoming, safe, inclusive, and civil environment, taking interest in the experiences and perspectives of community members, and acting with empathy and regard for the well-being of community members.

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