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Drug Policy Statement

Drug education and testing requirements are imposed by the Office of Student Conduct only after a student has been properly charged and found responsible for a drug related offense, in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct. The drug education and testing requirement is designed to be an alternative to the stricter penalties. Students can avoid the drug education and testing requirement by opting for suspension from the University. Policy Rationale:

  • Illicit drugs on campus attract other forms of criminal behavior.
  • Illicit drug use poses a danger to every member of the campus community.
  • Illicit drugs are an immediate hazard to the user and to other individuals as well.
  • All illicit drugs present genuine health risks.

Accordingly, the University operates a drug education and testing program for students wishing to avoid stricter penalties. The purpose of the program is: a) to educate students about the problems of drug abuse, b) to deter drug abuse by students, c) to prevent problems associated with drug abuse, and d) to provide a mechanism for monitoring student compliance with University drug abuse policy. Each student will be subject to drug testing for 24 months, or until graduation.

Any violations of the drug education and testing protocol, or confirmed positive test results, will result in referral to the Office of Student Conduct. Students so referred will be subject sanctions as sever as suspension or expulsion from the University. The assignment or discharge of a student from the drug testing program is the sole responsibility of the Office of Student Conduct.

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