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Character & Ethics

College is fraught with tough decisions – whether to study or go out with friends, turn in friends or look the other way, or to take short-cuts for class or do all the work. Decisions like these test values and pose ethical dilemmas for the first time in many students' lives.

Increasingly, students are making choices that put both their college careers and futures at jeopardy. Dealing with moral controversies is a big part of life. Graduates who have examined their own values and understand how to make ethical decisions will have an advantage not only in their careers but also in their personal lives.

We believe students' exploration of heavy ethical issues is done best when they are challenged to think deeply from multiple perspectives. Interaction with peers and ethical mentors (such as faculty or alumni) are an easy and effective way to gain this type of invaluable experience. We invite all members of our community to engage students and each other in these important discussions and answer the question, "Do I know who I am?"

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