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The "XF" Removal Petition Process

As stated in the Code of Academic Integrity (Code), the normal penalty for a violation is an "XF" in the course. As stated in Part 65 of the Code, the student (or former student) may file a written petition to the Student Honor Council to have the grade of “XF” removed and permanently replaced with a grade of “F.” The decision to remove the grade of “XF” and replaced with an “F” shall rest in the discretion and judgment of a majority of a quorum of the Appellate Board, provided that:

  • At the time the petition is received, at least 12 months (or the sanctioned time period) shall have elapsed since the grade of “XF” was imposed;
  • At the time the petition is received, the student shall have successfully completed the non-credit, Academic Integrity Seminar, administered by the Office of Student Conduct;
  • The Office of Student Conduct certifies that to the best of its knowledge the student has not been found responsible for any other act of academic dishonesty or similar disciplinary offense at the University of Maryland or another institution.

Students sanctioned with a Permanent "XF" are not eligible to have the "XF" removed from their transcript. 

The "XF" petition is reviewed by the Appellate Board of the University Student Judiciary (USJ). The Appellate Board meets on a regular basis throughout the academic year and on a more limited basis from June through August to review petitions and other appeals that presented to them. 

Below are guidelines to follow for a successful petition process: 

  1. Wait until the appropriate time to petition. For example, if a student's "XF" is for twelve months, then the petition must be submitted one year after the date of the original sanction letter. Submitting a petition early may result in it being denied. 
  2. Complete the AI Seminar. The AI Seminar is a non-credit, online, educational exercise that is self-paced. Instructions to complete the AI Seminar can be found here
  3. Complete the online "XF" petition form. Complete the appropriate XF petition form using the links below. Students (and former students) should adhere to the word count requirement indicated in the form. All responses should show evidence of thoughtful consideration. It will be important to know:
    • The course for which the "XF" was applied
    • The academic term of the posting of the "XF" (e.g. Fall, 2019)
    • The date of the resolution (i.e. Honor Review, Disciplinary conference date)
    • The date of the completion of the AI Seminar

Any questions regarding the "XF" Removal Petition can be answered by calling the Office of Student Conduct or by emailing

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