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UMD Applicants: Conduct Clearances

Among its responsibilities, the Office of Student Conduct supports the Office of Admissions, the Student Success Office, the Office of Extended Studies, and the Education Abroad Office in their review of applicants that have a criminal or disciplinary history.

Applicants to the University or any of its programs must indicate the following on their application:

  • Whether disciplinary action has been taken against them at another institution (college or high school)
  • Whether they have been convicted of a criminal act
  • Whether they are involved in a criminal legal proceeding
  • Whether they have been dishonorably discharged from a branch of the military

The application may vary from program to program, so it is required that you truthfully and accurately answer the questions on the application you are submitting. Failure to do so may result in The Office of Student Conduct not recommending an applicant for clearance or the revocation of admission to the University. Any supporting documents you provide to the office must also be authentic and may be uploaded directly in the form below.

When the applicant answer "yes" to any of those questions, the applicant’s file will be reviewed by the Office of Student Conduct in a process called a Conduct Clearance. This process helps determine the applicant’s eligibility to enroll at the University. The Conduct Clearance Process will ONLY be initiated for individuals who meet all other admissions requirements.

To begin a Conduct Clearance, the applicant will need to complete this form from the Office of Student Conduct.

The office will then review the information submitted and make a recommendation to the requesting office on whether to clear the applicant for further review. The Office of Student Conduct does NOT make admissions decisions.  Clearance forms received less than two weeks prior to the semester in which the applicant is seeking to enroll may not be reviewed within the deadline for admission.  Please plan accordingly. 

Feel free to contact the Office of Student Conduct with any questions about this process.